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The concept of "destiny " was not presented in the sense that it should, because it did not reach scientific thinking. Here I will explain it in a more logical and graphic way and in an exciting scientific way that is accepted even by atheist thought.

Fate is written in the papers of the Most Merciful and to the questions of atheists and thinkers in the occult. There is always an explanation and it is not sufficient, “Like why do we work while there are our destinies registered?” So, it is necessary to explain in another way ...

Fate is the line that falls between collision and meeting at the intersection of a creature and the conditions of other creatures. While there is the fatalistic line of infinity and no beginning, the occurrence of fate and fate can be defined as the beginning and the end of time. Interpreted by meaning, it follows.

For a difference between the destiny line and the destiny line, the first is an infinite fate line that comes through previous fates that you value for you to create. This is the result of previous extended aftershocks. The second is destiny and it requires the solutions of the event and the arrival of time, and thus the identification and identification of the creature.

If he knows a creature, his life is often limited (the reconstruction of my nation in the hadith of the Messenger), but the line of fate is not specified. Because it is within a line and connected chains of predestination, meaning, the creation of man is the result of a long past line and its end with the command of God Almighty is the pounding of the creature, but also its effect extends beyond infinity.

Linguistically, destiny is the limit to which a thing ends if you rank and define it. Here, the limit is the occurrence of destiny or paradoxical change, while the fate line is the fate that takes you to it based on what you have arranged and defined, and here the interpretation of the mystery of meaning is completed.

To create an ordered and specific secret with the Most Gracious God, so his ability is recorded in the Book of Preserved. Meaning, if one of the creatures lived the hypothetical long period (infinity), a person can by watching that period determine the fate of the individual. Because the creature lives on the imprint of an order and one pattern, and it is a state that repeats and repeats itself, and your destiny becomes known

A known awareness and the method is the following hypothesis: If something supernatural happens and you return an elderly person to the age of infancy and watch his life path, you will often find him repeating the same process over and over again. Also, if his life returns in a long circle of several times, you will be able to guess what is happening to him without saying Destiny creates new things.

Your knowledge of the outcome of things increases when if it happened and you were able with extraordinary power to return the human life cycle several times and in different circumstances and forms, your expectation will reach 100% of the events of fate, provided that this cycle and circumstances are repeated forever.

A sensual example: If someone imposes one of his nature to carry a lighter in his hand continuously, you are created and your destiny is associated with carrying the lighter. Here fate is always a good thing, because even though you bear the mug, fate still protects you from it throughout your linear journey (it is the period of your life within the cosmic period). If conditions have changed and there is flammable gas in an open area, this represents the surrounding conditions. If the surrounding conditions changed, I mean, they took different forms that may lead to fate, resulting in good or evil, such as a meeting of a lighter jug with gas in an enclosed space.

We conclude from the previous example, that destiny continues and faith in it is good because it takes you from the destiny of God to the destiny of God (the words of the companion Omar) and here he teaches us to put means and tools for safety in the future and protect others who go through the same conditions of the lighter syndrome and personality when the same circumstances meet.

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