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Intellectual property © For quotation or transmission, rights must be preserved with the mention of the source in the following form: [Writer Ahmed Al-Luqmani, publisher of the "Ben Merigan" website, the date of viewing or the last update (YYYY / MM) from the "WIX" platform) . Here, the "Ben Merygan" website will support and reserve the rights of other sources by differing quotations from intellectual property or products In any case, the site states that the transcription is less than 25 words and must be followed in this case, the report of the double name of the writer. There is a water-print on the pictures, making sure to remain clear on the products when transporting, with also, Mentioning explicitly the name of the author, the site, the date and the name of the platform (WEX 2020), while the water-print can be removed from the product or image after contacting us.We encourage members and visitors to develop Arabic content by preserving intellectual rights in the means of Internet networks, libraries, newspapers and publications. Dhanin in the manufacture, preparation, and proof of providing scientific facts, so that we can produce the idea in the appropriate way to the digital generation after referring to printed and digital sources We provide responses and welcome requests for additions, inquiries, design of the required materials, or perhaps also apply for a first-come-first-access request My subjects are “Next from Publications” or “Archive Publications”.

Signed: Z-Mar'a

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