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مهندس دكتوراه، متخصص في أبحاث الكهربية الطاقة والالكترونية . اداري هندسي في الربط الكهربي اللاسلكي و الشبكات. أستاد الدراسات العليا والممارسة البحثية العلمية من جامعة ملبورن الملكية (RMIT) في استراليا، ملبورن فكتوريا. استاذ بحثي مقيم  في معهد ديوان بن مريغان للعلوم للاستكشاف والتطوير البحثي.

Alluqmani Alharbi Ahm is a research scholar, working in the field of research study on the subject of a PhD study in electrical and electronic engineering. He obtained a postgraduate qualification in tele-communications and networks for a PhD degree at Royal Melbourne University (RMIT) in Australia between 2014 to 2020. From the University of Modern Sciences and Arts in Cairo, Egypt, he holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering for Communications and Electronics. His honorary degree comes from the University of Greenwich, UK. As a member of a research team in the field of electronics and communication engineering, he conducted research. In addition, he managed the establishment of a battery lab where interesting research could be conducted. He is a member of the Nanoengineering Association in Melbourne, Australia and the IEEE. This is in addition to membership in the area of discovery and development at Merigan Son Institute. As a result of the sponsorship, these products and contents serve industrial engineering and community services. It leads to AdSm, the owner of industrial and project applications. He had been promoted to CEO at IDab. This is in addition to obtaining a degree in academic studies and practicing doctoral studies. He is an expert researcher, industrial-engineer and administrative leader.

الحربي اللقماني، احمد

باحث دكتوراه في علوم الهندسة

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