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بن مريغان

describes the experience of products and share in the form of photographs and videos, provide insights with answers, respond to questions about a various challenges in studies, business and life affairs, updated info in modern style and checking facts for varification Digital docume

ديوان بن مريغان is engineering research and development firm . The Merigan-son (MS)  is a platforms founded by Ahm Alluqmani Alharbi. Ahm Alluqmani  Alharbi has been developing academia for over a decade and half. The research study labs support consulting office with solutions findings and vast knowledge


Ahm learn to explores Arabian languages and Harbian culture to dedicate the ground level of sharing knowledge.

At ديوان بن مريغان, Ahm  present the Harbia law (the moral war) to validate the the Harbia reservoirs. Ahm has also written several articles in the the area of current transition community and the identity of Harbia.



We present Harbia laws means the store each word of a corpus, are set by applying the tribal Harb of  lemmatization. So, we present the process of lemmatisation and representation using a bag-of-words. During the revelation of Arabian local, the Harbia dictionaries is for the all solution. The more scientific terms to the ancient Arabic list. For example, the project of Harbia lliad and make reference style study for poetry which has the images of algorithmes and  geometric shapes shapes.



Ahm is studying a research  for the field of engineering . I decide a blog for the experience that I can contribute a good language in the way can be written and produced. I write a review paper book in the area of battery and electronics as well as I published  a paper and participated in some research group in the nano technology. I member in IEEE and Nono technology in Australia. I have fulfilled the mission of  doing a phd study at RMIT Meborne by 2020.


Ahm is also the founder of ADSM company and he has established Merigan son lab institutions books and courses are where  you can learn about our publications. Ahm frequently posts on Twitter about Engineerings, writing, and other topics. This platform is designed to share Ahm Alluqmani Alharbi’s insights and to engage with a variety of professionals and students from around the world. Join us to learn more about the current

You can follow him. We also provide guidance and advice to those who are interested in delving deeper into the fields. I strive to make my blog a valuable resource for anyone who is looking to gain a better understanding of these  classifications .

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