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صيغة خطاب التماس بعد ازمة سفير2

المقدمة ( التعريف عن ازمة سفير2 )

Aus employees take an action of job strike inside SCAM. This is will put all Saudi students’ affairs on hold in Aus.

صيغة الخطاب :

Dear Scholarship dep.,
 I am writing to explain my next payment, and I would like to request some leniency in relation to payment deadlines. The SACM system is terminated because of the job strike. The Press stated that the number of supervisors is reduced, and others are decided for the stoppage. The communication means with SCAM is went to the failure. There is still no response coming, and making payments is becoming difficult for me. I am requesting to re-schedule the payment plan so I will have enough time for paying it off. Please contact me with an alternate plan if you could get in touch with referees in the SCAM.

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